Booba pokes fun at the concert Damso, Soprano push a blow of mouth against TPMP People, Vianney made a big ball… The little music of the week

Booba se moque du concert de Damso, Soprano pousse un coup de gueule contre TPMP People, Vianney fait une grosse boulette... Le récap musique de la semaine

Check out all the latest news about music that you should not miss this week.

We meet every Friday to make a point about the music news you shouldn’t miss. We start with Beyoncé, who put out the fire with Jay-Z in Johannesburg in the framework of the Global Citizen 2018. The couple wished to celebrate the 100th of the birth of Nelson Mandela by taking up the time of an evening their On The Run Tour II. In France, the singer Shy’m announced on the Agape Tour on the evening of the final of Dancing with the stars 9. During this time, Britney Spears blew out the 37 candles and OrelSan was elected musician of the decade by the magazine GQ France.

Ariana Grande has unveiled the fabulous video for her song “Thank U, Next” broke all records on YouTube. In less than 24 hours, the video has been viewed more than 50.2 million of times and the comments have simply stopped working due to a bug. Booba him, reacted in a manner rather surprising to the release of the new title of Shay, his old protégé of 92i. Soprano meanwhile has pushed a rant against TPMP People, who ensured that he was earning between 150 000 and 200 000 euros for a private concert. Gold, the coach of The Voice 8 never has been.

This week, Vianney has made a big dumpling, as it was revealed on RTL that he was going to sing during the concert of Bigflo & Oli this weekend. Also, bad news, since it has been postponed to the following day because of the events planned in Paris on Saturday 8 December 2018. Booba still makes his own, since he has mocked the performance of Damso to the AccorHôtels Arena on Instagram before changing your mind by deleting his comment which had been posted under a video of the concert. It ends with Claudio Capéo, which is entrusted exclusively to melty on the occasion of the release of his new opus as nothing stops me and Rohff, who has just unveiled her new video “I pull everything”. See you next week for more news crispy !