Booba VS Kaaris : rappers sentenced to 18 months suspended prison sentence and 50,000 euro fine

Booba VS Kaaris : Les rappeurs condamnés à 18 mois de prison avec sursis et 50 000 euros d'amende

The verdict is in for rappers Booba and Kaaris who have been convicted by the tribunal of Créteil after their brawl at Orly.

On April 1, 2018, Booba and Kaaris fought at Orly airport in Paris, and the mother of b2o approved. Then they had to take the same plane to Barcelona, a violent altercation that was filmed by passers-by and surveillance cameras erupted, causing more than 50 000 euros of damages in a Duty Free shop. Placed in detention for 3 weeks, the two enemies have been released under judicial control before a first hearing on 6 September last. The prosecutor was then required 1 year of suspended prison sentence for the two artists, who come to be fixed on their fate after the judgment rendered by the tribunal correctionnel de Créteil on Tuesday 9 October 2018.

18-month suspended prison sentence and 50,000 euro fine each, this is what the duke of Boulogne, and the rapper from Sevran have been convicted. A sentence greater than what had been required for the two stars, who have taken over the course of their lives from the case. Kaaris has unveiled the single “Aboriginal” from his new project Black Gold 3 and Booba unveiled the title pissed “BB”, what does surf a little on the buzz they have created with their fight. Booba is also expected to arrive on the scene of the U Arena in Nanterre on the 13th of October next, in front of 40 000 spectators, what to do to pass the pill after the verdict.

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