Boost towards carbon neutrality

Coup d’accélérateur vers la neutralité carbone

Mark Lennihan Associated Press
Amazon has promised in the beginning of the year to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040.

From Apple to Microsoft to Nike, Mercedes, and Danone, a number of multinational corporations have presented to you on Tuesday of initiatives intended to combat climate change and encourage other companies to follow their example.

Private company the most expensive in the world in Exchange, Apple has pledged to be carbon neutral by 2030 and all of its activities, including its supply chain. The technology giant, which is already carbon neutral for its business activities, says that all of her electronic devices, from the iPhone to the Mac, there will have more effect on the climate.

He plans to do to reduce its emissions by 75 %, while developing ” innovative solutions for carbon removal “, as well as projects of restoration of the savanna in Kenya or investment in an ecosystem of mangrove in Colombia, for the remaining 25% of its total footprint.

Nine other multinational companies led by the it group american Microsoft, for their part, engaged in a coalition whose stated aim is “to enable all companies to achieve a carbon-neutral” by 2050. Called the “Transform to Net Zero,” this initiative brings together, for the moment, the carrier Danish AP Moller-Maersk, the american chain Starbucks, the groups of agri-food French Danone and anglo-Dutch Unilever, the German automaker Mercedes-Benz, the brazilian group of cosmetics Natura & Co, the global sports apparel american Nike, as well as the group of consultancy in computer science indian Wipro.

These organizations, originating from various countries and sectors of activities want to share their information and experiences on the best ways to limit carbon emissions and thus help to restrict the increase of the Earth’s average temperature to 1.5 °C, gives details of a press release issued Tuesday.

The companies say they also want to invest in innovations and defend public policy to achieve this goal. The general idea is to “lead by example” and propose to other groups a ” path “to follow.

Microsoft, like other members of the coalition, has already set environmental goals specific, promising in January that its carbon footprint would be negative by 2030. “No company can tackle alone to the climate crisis, stressed on Tuesday that one of its officials, Ben Smith, in the press release. This is why large companies will develop and share best practices, research, and the results of their experiences to help everyone to move forward. “

Companies do, however, provide no details about the projects or investments that they could defend themselves, indicating only want to finish their work by 2025.


Giant of the Internet, of the oil or of the agri-food, multinational companies have multiplied in recent years promises to reduce their environmental footprint. But the defenders of the environment are regularly sceptical in relation to some of these ads, accused of face of the greenwashing.

Amazon, for example, has promised in the beginning of the year to achieve carbon neutrality by 2040 and its boss, Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, has created a fund “for the Earth” that he personally has $ 10 billion. But the group has also built its success on a huge logistics network of road transport to ensure deliveries faster and faster, and is a large producer of greenhouse gas emissions.

“The gap between where we are on climate change and where we need to be continuing to widen. As the gap between the companies that do that talk about actions and those who actually do the work “, noticed the president of the american association Environmental Defense Fund, Fred Krupp, who accompanied the coalition presented Tuesday.

His eyes, however, this new initiative ” has the potential to bridge this gap “, especially if other companies follow the example of its founding members and ” use the most powerful tool available for combating climate change : political influence “.

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