Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk may differ

Брэдли Купер и Ирина Шейк могут разойтись

Actor Bradley Cooper and model Irina Shayk teenage daughter, Lea, with which the couple often walks through the city, giving the paparazzi the opportunity to capture a happy family. However, touching pictures do not interfere with various sources claim that the lovers have not been living together, and their relationship will soon come to an end.

First, the witnesses claimed that Bradley and Irina do not pay each other any attention to the dates, now the insiders put out the word that the couple does live in separate houses. “They no longer live together. They have two houses in the same area, which are located close to each other. Paparazzi often see the Shake coming from the house of Cooper, so I think that the stars are living together. In fact, it is not so,” says the insider.

This is not the first and probably not the last time when the fans say in the imminent parting of lovers. Not long ago, paparazzi have noticed that Cooper and Shake carry out with each other less time, but it’s understandable. Bradley was busy filming his directorial debut, and Irina were many new work projects. Just a few days ago lovers daughter went to see Santa Claus and look happy together, so fans shouldn’t be accepting messages from insiders seriously, reports