Breaking Bad, movie : Aaron Paul back in the role of Jesse ?

Breaking Bad, le film : Aaron Paul de retour dans le rôle de Jesse ?

The characters of the series already cult will make their big comeback in a movie where Aaron Paul might become that again Jesse !

Your attention, dear fans of Breaking Bad, a film based on the story of the series will indeed see the light of day. The good news is that you will be able to resume from where you left off your favourite characters since this would be a continuation of the original series. And Aaron Paul would indeed return to his role of the camé Jesse Pinkman. If Breaking Bad has put an end to his five seasons in 2013, the show is still widely regarded as one of the best series of all time by fans and critics. The network AMC was quick to follow with the spin-off Better Call Saul, which has earned similar success. Of course, many fans hoped always a return of the original characters, but it would seem that only one of the two will take part in this new journey. Even if Bryan Cranston had met the cast of Breaking Bad at the Jimmy Kimmel Show for its 60 years, the actor is apparently not ready to re-enlist.

The scenario is, for the moment, in the hands of Vince Gilligan, who could also take the cap of a director. The filming is expected to begin soon in New Mexico, and would extend until February 2019. The plot should revolve around “the escape of a man who is kidnapped and his quest for freedom”. In short, the flight of Jesse of Albuquerque ! Thelatest time that the fans saw his character in Breaking Bad, he was riding at sunset after having been held captive for several months, the plot seems rather logical. It will be very interesting to see how Jesse will live his life after such an ordeal heartbreaking and without the empire of the drug to Walter to manage. The good news is that Aaron Paul may be able to reuse what he has brought to the filming of Breaking Bad !