Brett Kavanaugh officially invested

Brett Kavanaugh officiellement investi

Brett Kavanaugh officiellement investi

Confirmed Saturday by the Senate after an intense political struggle of several weeks, Brett Kavanaugh was officially sworn in on Monday. During the investiture ceremony at the supreme Court, held at the White House, Donald Trump apologized to the judge and his family, making reference to accusations of sexual abuse brought against its candidate.

In the name of our nation, I want to apologize to Brett and to the entire family Kavanaugh for the pain, the suffering, and terrible that you have been forced to endure, “said Donald Trump.

Christine Blasey is the first woman to be accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault. The appointment of the latter is, therefore, a new blow to this researcher in psychology at 53 years of age, who, from his testimony before the Senate judiciary committee, has been threatened several times.

This appointment has triggered a series of protests in several u.s. cities. On Saturday, thousands of protesters occupied the steps of the supreme Court, not far from the Capitol in Washington, dc.