Brexit : a new resignation

Brexit : une nouvelle démission

Brexit : une nouvelle démission

A new resignation of one of the most, in the government of Theresa May in the United Kingdom. This time, it is Jo Johnson, the secretary of State for transport and the younger brother of the former head of the diplomacy of Boris Johnson, who slams the door. For him, the agreement which is outlined on the Brexit would be ” a terrible mistake “.

“We charge at full speed toward “Brexit” poison that will trap us in a relationship of subordination with the european Union, without us having our say on the rules that will govern large swaths of our economy, “explains Jo Johnson in a video. This is completely unacceptable and unsustainable for a democracy as proud as ours. “

Unlike his brother, he defended the continuation of the United Kingdom in the european Union, and today he calls for a second referendum.

“The gap is so wide now between what was promised at the time of the referendum and what is in the agreement currently proposed by the First minister that I did not had another choice than to submit my resignation to the First minister “, he insists in this video.

In Ireland, the Prime minister continues to put all his weight into the balance so that the negotiations between London and Brussels will succeed.

“I think we are in very sensitive negotiations, said Leo Varakdar. A positive outcome is not guaranteed but I think that it is possible in the next few days. “

The wish to avoid at all costs Leo Varakdar, it is the restoration of a border lasts between Ireland and the british province of Northern Ireland, a province that could temporarily stay in the eu customs union.