Britain has appointed a Minister for the prevention of suicide

							В Британии назначили министра по предупреждению самоубийств

British Prime Minister Theresa may has appointed a Minister for the prevention of suicide within the first world summit on mental health. The representatives of more than 50 countries met in London on world mental health day.

Position was the health Minister Jackie Doyle-Price, and the Prime Minister believes that this will help overcome the stigma associated with suicide, the BBC reported. At least in Britain, and dropped the percentage of suicides is about 4.5 thousand people a year still complete suicide. The British authorities promised support to schools and new support groups for mental health.

In 2018, the world mental health day, which is celebrated on 10 October, on youth and mental health in the world.

As reported, the Minister of the government of Wales committed suicide because of accusations from women. According to the World health statistics in 2017, in the world the number of suicides is twice the number of murders.