Britain has tightened investment visas

Британия ужесточила получение инвестиционных виз

The UK authorities have frozen the issuance of visas for investors till 2019. And with the new year, Britain will significantly complicate their receipt.

The purpose of these actions is to prevent the arrival of persons who received their status by illegal means, writes The Times. According to the Minister of immigration Caroline Noakes, the only honest investors should benefit from the immigration system. Now the investor visa class allows to obtain a residence permit in Britain, with millions of investing. Time of delivery depends on the size of the investment. However, now the government has suspended acceptance of new visa applications of the first level. It will be restored after the introduction of the new rules: investors must prove the possession of invested funds during the 2 years prior to application. Also forbidden to invest in government bonds (now legal).

According to the publication, such visas are mainly citizens of China and Russia. Of the 361 individuals who received investment visa, 115 were citizens of China, 38 — Russia, 28 — Hong Kong 20 Turkey 19 USA.

Earlier it was reported that more than 700 of the rich in the UK can have problems with the “visa investor” due to the plans of London to reduce the influence of the Russian Federation. Britain began checking such visas in March. In the Parliament believe that “dirty money” from Russia threaten national security.