British doctors have made recommendations on how to consume alcohol

 Британские медики дали рекомендации, как употреблять алкоголь

British doctors have made some recommendations on how to consume alcohol and in what quantity, writes the Daily Mail.

Most importantly, according to doctors, to observe two rules: you can not drink every day should be a pause between doses of alcohol, and this is especially important for people over 40. Even one soft day in the week will give a chance to the body to be cleansed. The second rule is not to go beyond the permissible daily dose. For each person it is different, but on average, you can drink no more than 14 servings of alcohol a week. That’s six liters of beer with 4%, or six glasses of wine with a volume of 175 ml, or 14 stacks of 25 ml of 40-degree drink. The doctors emphasize that regular consumption of alcohol causes sleep problems, the development of hypertension and increased susceptibility to cancer.

But acting Minister of health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun said that the safe dose of alcohol does not exist, it harms the body in any quantity.