British Prime Minister announced two options in case of failure of a vote for Brexit

Премьер Британии озвучила два варианта в случае срыва голосования по Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa may called two versions of the scenario, if the Parliament sabotages the Brexit Treaty. According to her, MPs can either vote for its agreement to withdrawal from the EU, leave the EU without a deal, or to refuse Brexit.

She predicts that Parliament could attempt to fail to withdraw from the EU, but a second referendum is inappropriate, Reuters reports. As for a backup plan in case of failure of the vote, may have evaded a direct answer.

We will remind, on November 25 the European Union at an extraordinary session approved a historic agreement to withdraw Britain from the EU. Now the deal needs to support the British Parliament on 11 December and the European Parliament. He Brexit is scheduled for March 29, 2019.

The UK may also refuse to Brexit, the EU also insists on holding an additional referendum. In a referendum in June 2016 51,9% of British people supported Brexit.

Recently the UK government admitted that the state will become poorer after Brexit. But all the same is preparing to leave — the country will create its own GPS due to the limitations of the EU. It was also reported that Britain can unilaterally stop the process of exit from the EU.