British researchers claim to have discovered Atlantis

Британские исследователи утверждают, что обнаружили Атлантиду

Search company Merlin Burrows declares that she managed to find Atlantis. Researchers believe that the ruins are located near the coast of Spain in the doñana National Park.

Британские исследователи утверждают, что обнаружили Атлантиду

Parque Nacional y Natural de Doñana

This statement is made on the basis of analysis of satellite data from Landsat satellites in the Landsat 5 and 8, and data from Google Earth, and, of course, works of the Greek philosopher Plato, writes Live Science.

The fact that the company allegedly was able to find the remains of the towers and temples of Atlantis. According to Merlin Burrows, the discoveries created from concrete which from 10 to 12 thousand years – it is believed that in this time there was Atlantis. Merlin Burrows is planning to release the movie in which they want to discuss their evidence.

Previously in China found another terracotta army. And in Borneo have discovered an ancient image of the animal. Also in the Black sea revealed a Greek ship, which is more than 2 thousand years.