Brushing your teeth and rinsing your mouth will protect from COVID-19

Чистка зубов и полоскание рта защитят от COVID-19

Strict observance of rules of hygiene of the oral cavity greatly reduces the risk of penetration of the coronavirus in the body. A toothbrush should be rinsed with hot water at least 30 seconds.

Popular among celebrities a dentist from Australia doctor Gamer Verdian (Gamer Verdian) States that compliance with the rules of hygiene of an oral cavity helps to reduce the risk of developing COVID-19. Toothbrushes can be a perfect breeding ground for the coronavirus.

Therefore, before using they should be washed with hot water from the tap for 30 seconds. After brushing, the mouth should be rinsed with a special tool. It is known that the coronavirus spreads from the saliva, and the faster the microbes in the oral cavity are destroyed, the better.

Dr. Verdian advises to rinse your mouth with hydrogen peroxide, which significantly reduces the concentration of virus in the saliva. You can also use other tools alcohol-based. In General, compliance with these tips reduces the total number of bacteria in the mouth. So, the immune system will not overstretch, if the organism invades the coronavirus, and it will be strong enough to counter the pathogen.

It is known that the less congested the body from various diseases, the easier it is COVID-19. 99% of deaths from the coronavirus of patients had chronic illness and disease, and over 50% suffered from three or more of these diseases, writes The Daily Mail.


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