Bulls about discredit the government’s political opponents – the political Strategist said that Manafort in Ukraine sent from Moscow

Быков о дискредитации властью политических оппонентов - Политтехнолог заявил, что Манафорта в Украину прислали из Москвы

Political strategist and head of the center INPOLITE Sergey Bykov spoke about discrediting the current government of their political opponents. With him, every day on TV screens and newspaper pages the mouths of Pro-government politicians or so called politicians sound baseless accusations against Yulia Tymoshenko.

According to political scientists, it is indicative that for discrediting Tymoshenko arms, both past and current government, sticking “the Kremlin’s ears.” This is stated in the materials of the case against Paul Manafort in the United States, which was the closest political strategist Yanukovych, sent from Moscow.

“The documents of the investigation prove that American technology were on the Russian payroll and spared no expense to the fabrication of charges against Tymoshenko. Before his money could not resist not only politicians, but also well-known law firm, who are now forced to justify their participation in the “dirty game” – says Bykov.

So, “independence” law firm “Skadden” cost Yanukovych 4.2 million U.S. dollars. “Initial version of the report Skadden pointed to the absence of legal grounds for prosecuting Tymoshenko, but after Manafort transferred from his offshore account to Skadden 4.2 million dollars, the position of lawyers has changed beyond recognition,” said the analyst, Recalling the details surrounding the trial of the case of Manafort published in the authoritative edition of Bloomberg.

Bykov underlined that Yulia Tymoshenko’s imprisonment was actually the initiative of Moscow, which vividly supported Viktor Yanukovych. He became completely controlled by the Kremlin, when received into the service of the Russian political strategist Paul Manafort.

“The material is the authoritative edition of Bloomberg completely eliminates attempts to turn Bankova Tymoshenko and the Pro-Kremlin clearly dots nd “I” in the question: “Who is Pro-Russian politician in Ukraine”, – summed up politekspert.

As reported on our website earlier, Yulia Tymoshenko has posted the full text presented before the program of the “New economic course”.