Bumblebee, the Spin-off Transformers : The unexpected role of Dylan O’brien !

Surprise, Dylan O’brien has got a role in Bumblebee, if you want the details, here it is !

Before he met Shia LeBoeuf, Bumblebee was sent to Earth by Optimus Prime in the 1990s. During his mission, he became friends with Charlie, the young teenager full of resources played by Hailee Steinfeld, with which it appears on a new poster of her film solo. Together they will live many adventures and you will notice that the radio was not then a principal element of the Autobot. In the first Transformers, Bumblebee is almost unable to speak, his voice box having been damaged by Mégatron during the battle of Tiger Pax. Suddenly, he speaks with the stroke of the radio and songs made by pieces. But in Transformers : The Last Knight, Optimus Prime will have the surprise to hear the true voice of his friend, that he had not heard since the fall of Cybertron. A voice adult, to go with the character. But 25 years earlier, the Autobot was still a “teenager”, so he needed a voice fit.

Bumblebee, le Spin off Transformers : Le rôle inattendu de Dylan O'Brien !

This is where Dylan O’brien comes in ! The producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura explained the choice to IGN : “With this story, we go back to the sources, so we felt that it was appropriate that you hear his voice. It is rather logical, since we are restoring really the mythology of Bumblebee. And so, it seemed appropriate to have the chance to hear it. Dylan O’brien has great qualities in his voice, one of youthful exuberance and a kind of trust”. After having held leading roles in the saga of the Labyrinth or even in American Assassin, the actor remains so this time behind the camera, but in front of the microphone. There is no doubt that he will bring to the character of Bumblebee this mischief of which he alone has the secret. Maybe he could even accompany Hailee Steinfeld on the song Back To Life in the original soundtrack !