California continues to burn

La Californie n'en finit plus de se consumer

La Californie n'en finit plus de se consumer

California continues to glow. Two days after the start of the fire, the video drivers in fear fleeing the flames are legion…

In the north of the State, at least nine people are dead, five of whom are trapped in their car, and 35 people are missing. The town of Paradise, which now wears badly its name, has almost entirely been ravaged by the flames. Nearly 7,000 homes and businesses are gone up in smoke.

“I had burns on the forehead, which begins to make blisters and burns to the hand in trying to save the cat and a few photos. But I was not able to save nor the cat nor the pictures “, said, resigned, Terra Heine, a resident of Paradise.

In this area, the fire fueled by drought and strong winds, has burned more than 36 000 hectares.

“A lot of smoke, there was a lot of smoke, tells another resident, Patrick Knuthson. It was so dark that he had to be headlamps and even then there was nothing. On my street, there are approximately 22 home and there remain only two. The fire went from one house to the next and the next until they are almost all consumed. “

In southern California, another fire reduced it to ashes almost 15 000 hectares and the 75 000 homes had to be evacuated, in particular in the cities posh Malibu and Calabasas which is home to many celebrities. Since the end of 2017, the California is badly affected by fire repetition.