Camera Surveillance for the COVID-19 at the jewish Hospital of Montreal

Surveillance par caméra pour la COVID-19 à l’Hôpital juif de Montréal

Photo: Valérian Mazataud The Duty
Depending on the institution, the use of surveillance cameras will be limited to the two new wings dedicated to the intensive care unit.

The jewish Hospital of Montreal will limit the use of surveillance cameras in the rooms of the patients by the COVID-19.

Following an article of Duty , which reported the concerns raised by the use of this monitoring device, both among the staff and among the patients, the institution indicates that the measure will be limited to the two new wings dedicated to the intensive care unit. The cameras in question “are set to “viewing” and not “record” mode” indicates the jewish Hospital in response to concerns raised by the possibility of a monitoring system extended.

“The patient [or family] has the choice to accept or refuse the implementation of a camera. The only purpose of these cameras is the monitoring of the patients. It is not a matter of making up for a lack of medical staff “, as feared by the trade union.

Union members have learned the installation of this device once it is installed.

The communications services of the hospital like the members of the unions were confirmed in the Duty that cameras have been installed. This practice of installing cameras “is also used in some american hospitals,” states the hospital, making reference to the Cleveland Clinic, and indicating, in the same breath, ignore ” what is done elsewhere in Quebec.”

Patricia M. Won, director general of the Regroupement provincial des users committees (RPCU), said that she was very surprised and concerned by this announcement. “As the guardian of the rights of the users, the RPCU should worry about the fact that cameras have been placed in the room of people with the COVID-19 living their last moments in palliative care “, she argued.

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