Camille Froment (LPDLA6) single and wounded in love, she made huge revelations on his break (PHOTO)

Camille Froment of the Princes and Princesses of Love 2 is single ! In this message is upsetting, it is confidences about the man who has broken…

A few days ago, you showed up on melty about Jonathan Princes and Princesses of Love 2, who lifted the veil on his break-up with Camille Froment and Vanessa Lawrens des Anges 11. With the release Instagram of the candidate revealed in The Marseille Australia on W9, we now know that the young woman is also single… But it is unclear whether it speaks of the prince or another man she would have separated recently ! Camille Froment seems to have had a relationship toxic, which has left scars, and we’ll let you discover below what she has announced on her relationship status.

Camille Froment (LPDLA6) célibataire et blessée en amour, elle fait d'énormes révélations sur sa rupture (PHOTO)

The young woman wishes to warn his community after his rupture and balance : “never let a man make you believe that you are not worth more or better than him, never leave a man your hurt or you will miss out of respect even with a simple ‘tg’, never let it make you believe that he is the only person you need”. She adds : “Never forgive never the betrayal and the lies especially when they are repetitive”… A story that feels lived in. Also, find out here what buddy has cancelled his participation in Moundir and Apprentices Adventurers 4 at the last minute !