Campaign Twitter of the Russian Federation in 2016 – According to a study in the US, the campaign of Russia was aimed at supporting the carrying of weapons in the United States

Кампания РФ в Twitter в 2016 году - По данным исследования в США, кампания России была направлена на поддержку ношения оружия в США

The Russian campaign on Twitter during the presidential election in the United States in 2016 supported by the arms and organization of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which promotes its carrying in the United States.

This is stated in the NPR survey data in collaboration with external company data.

“On all issues, ranging from race and to health, women’s rights and police brutality, gay marriage and global warming, the account associated with the Agency Internet research (factory trolley – up), have sought to enhance the debate, causing a conflict. Except when it came to weapons and the NRA,” – noted in the study.

It is known that the Russian trolls stuck to the extreme right or left of the police regarding the carrying of weapons in the United States.

Additionally, the study analyzed millions of publications that have previously been deleted on Twitter, which were somehow connected with the Russian campaign.

In 2017, Twitter said the intelligence Committee about the fixing of thousands of accounts that were associated with the Agency’s Internet investigations. Then, the social network deleted millions of tweets associated with these accounts.

However, research laboratory Clemson University achieved accidentally deleted the tweets. Because of this, managed to retain records for the period from 2012 to 2018.

“From the pages of which spread messages about guns, 60% were Pro-NRA and Pro-gun, while only 15% were against. From the content of the Agency’s Internet research regarding the weapons, rights to carry and the NRA, 77% of the records were in the NRA and in support of carrying weapons,” he said to NPR.

The researchers estimate that the messages of Internet trolls could reach more than 32.4 million users, and publications against weapon – 6.7 million, nearly five times less.

It is noted that this behavior of the Russian Internet trolls is abnormal.

“I can’t remember the other question, no matter where they played on both sides, in order to heighten the contradictions … It’s 100 percent anomaly … the Debate around the arms have all the features of a typical tool in their kit – but they only use half of it,” said University Professor Clemenson Derren outside linville.

At the same time, the NRA refused to comment on the information that the Russian campaign was supported by an American organization.

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