Can you compare Game of Thrones and Vikings ? This actor does not agree at all

The series Vikings and Game of Thrones have often been compared, but this is not to the taste of everyone…

While the episode 12 of season 5 of the Vikings has just been released on History, we offer you to discover about the actor Clive Standen aka Rollo, on the frequent comparisons between the series of Michael Hirst and Game of Thrones. The hit series Daniel Benioff and Dan Weiss is distributed in exclusivity in France on OCS and its looking epic as well as its medieval character has led fans to make a connection with the Vikings. But for Clive Standen, “compare Vikings to Game of Thrones is not really fair. Vikings, is history. And in the story, everyone dies and stays dead. We do not come back to life as Jon has done, in contrast to Ragnar”.

Peut-on comparer Game of Thrones et Vikings ? Cet acteur n'est pas du tout d'accord

Clive Standen does not agree

And the season 8 of Game of Thrones could further widen the gap between the two series as it promises to be full of fantasy, unlike the Vikings , which remains rooted in history. Yet in spite of its characters inspired by real people and its historical aspect, Vikings remains a fiction as recognised Clive Standen. “Michael Hirst is obviously serves its imagination to bring all of these historical figures in a series. But we won’t see any of the dragons in the Vikings. It is a historical drama, and documented, even if it covers a large part of the story. But all the characters are real, they existed and they are all worthy to be in history books”.

Peut-on comparer Game of Thrones et Vikings ? Cet acteur n'est pas du tout d'accord

Ragnar, historical figure or myth ?

The next fictional Viking remains , however, well present, including the existence of several supernatural characters such as Odin, Aslaug, or the Seer. Moreover, several characters have said to have visions and we can not deny the historical aspect of Game of Thrones, the plot of which was inspired by the War of the Roses. It is therefore more on the financial side that the comparison is not the road, with a difference of budget , which more than justifies the lesser popularity of Vikings next to the giant HBO. In both cases, the quality is present and it is hoped that the suite we détrompera not.