Canada is closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States [VIDEO]

Le Canada surveille de près la flambée de cas de coronavirus aux États-Unis  [VIDÉO]

Le Canada surveille de près la flambée de cas de coronavirus aux États-Unis  [VIDÉO]


29 June 2020 11: 03

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Canada is closely monitoring the outbreak of coronavirus in the United States [VIDEO]

Catherine Lévesque

The canadian Press

OTTAWA — Canada closely monitors its american neighbour, which faces an outbreak of COVID-19 in several States.

Speaking in front of his residence, Monday morning, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has declared that it is necessary to learn of the challenges others face”. Some States have been forced to impose new restrictions to slow the progression of the virus.

The prime minister has made these comments in response to a question that focused specifically on the situation in the United States.

According to Mr. Trudeau, Canada has “done the right things at the right time” to help Canadians to stay at home and think that the economy is “fairly intact” to allow a recovery prudent.


With its most recent projections, the public health Agency has confirmed that Canada has managed to flatten the curve more quickly than many other countries, such as the United States.

Local outbreaks in Canada

Even if the situation is under control in Canada, the directors of public health warn that no area is safe from an outbreak of the COVID-19.

In the last 14 days, outbreaks have occurred in the north and the south of the Saskatchewan, and in southern Ontario.

The foci of transmission community is found in enclosed places and overcrowded. In addition to NURSING homes, including correctional facilities and the common houses for the agricultural workers, foreign.

Rent assistance extended

The rent assistance program business will be extended by one month to include the month of July. This program allows small businesses, who are eligible, to reduce the cost of their rent of 75 %.

This rent assistance has, however, been criticised in the last few months.

Several property owners refuse to accede to it and to assume a share of the costs. Entrepreneurs, for their part, consider some of the criteria of income declines too rigid when they are encouraged to re-open and make sales.

Number of cases

There has been more than 2 598 000 tests administered in Canada since the beginning of the pandemic. We spend on average 38 000 tests per day. The disease has been detected in approximately 1 % of these tests.

Up to now, there have been 103 814 confirmed cases and probable in the entire country. The COVID-19 has caused the death of 8566 Canadians.

Distribution of cases in the country, according to the most recent balance sheet provincial and territorial: 55 390 cases in Quebec, including 5485 cause of death; 34 911 cases in Ontario, 2665 deaths; 7996 case in Alberta, including 154 deaths; 2878 case in British Columbia, including 174 deaths; 1061 case for Nova Scotia, with 63 deaths; 778 case in Saskatchewan, including 13 deaths; 318 cases in Manitoba, including seven deaths; 261 cases in Newfoundland and Labrador, including three deaths; 165 cases in New Brunswick, with two deaths; 27 cases in the Île-du-Prince-Édouard, all cured and 11 cases in the Yukon, all healed; five cases in the Territories-the North-West, all healed; no cases in Nunavut.

These balance sheets provincial and territorial addition to the 13 cases, all cured, by the passengers repatriated from the cruise ship Grand Princess on march 10.

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