Canada will not be sending a team to the olympic Games of Tokyo, less than one report

Le Canada n’enverra pas d’équipe aux Jeux olympiques de Tokyo à moins d’un report

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The olympic Games held as scheduled on July 24, Japan is at the heart of international concerns since the pandemic has spread to a global scale.

The international olympic Committee may well continue to procrastinate about the fate of the Tokyo olympic Games, Canada has made his choice and it did not send its athletes to be less of a report in 2021.

The canadian olympic Committee (COC) and canadian paralympic Committee (CPC) have issued a joint press release to announce this difficult decision, in the late evening on Sunday. They are supported in this sense by their athletes ‘ Commissions, their national sport organizations (NSOS) and by the government of Canada.

Canada becomes the first country to be decided in this way in favour of a one-year deferral, while the world is engulfed in a pandemic COVID-19.

“The COC and CPC are launching an emergency appeal to the international olympic Committee (IOC), the international paralympic Committee (IPC) and the world health Organization (WHO) to postpone the Games of a year, one can read in the press release. And we offer them our total support and our contribution to traverse the complexities caused by the postponement of the Games.

“Although we acknowledge the inherent challenges related to such a report, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our athletes and the world community. “

The COC has added that ” this decision is not only the health of the athletes, it is a matter of public health. “

Sharp criticism

The IOC is the subject of strong criticism in recent days for his stubbornness to want to hold the event on the scheduled date in July.

Sunday morning, the IOC president, Thomas Bach, has acknowledged, however, that he gave himself a window of four weeks to determine the fate of the Games and that the body was considering options, including a deferral.

It was the first time since the beginning of the pandemic that the IOC admitted that he would consider other options. Bach and the organizing committee of Japan have consistently said that the Games would be held as planned.

The prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, has also changed his gun to the shoulder, Monday, at a session of the parliament, stating that the postponement of the Games would be inevitable if they could not be organized in a comprehensive manner due to the impact of the pandemic COVID-19.

The olympic Games held as scheduled on July 24, Japan is at the heart of international concerns since the pandemic has spread to a global scale.

Several countries, including Canada, are virtually closed, which means that the training rooms, swimming pools, and gyms are also for the athletes who should be in optimal shape in four months.

The travel ban has also eliminated the possibility of training abroad. Many competitions, including countless olympic qualifiers, has been postponed.

“As an athlete, it is pretty clear to me that it will not take place as expected, said the female boxer Mandy Bujold, double champion of the pan-american Games earlier Sunday. It’s going to take time to decide the best option. I personally hope that this will be a postponement and not a cancellation.

“Staying healthy is the priority of everyone at this time. I will continue to train at home and helping to ensure the safety of my community and my family. “

The australian olympic Committee has also followed suit, Monday morning, advising his athletes prepare for the Games in 2021.

Ian Chesterman, the head of team Australia for the olympic Games in Tokyo, has stated that it was clear that the games could not take place in July. “Our athletes have been magnificent in their positive attitude towards their training and preparation, but the stress and uncertainty was extremely difficult for them,” said Chesterman in a press release.

The director-general of the australian olympic Committee, Matt Carroll, has stated that Australia had athletes based abroad and others who are trained in central locations of the country. “With the travel and other restrictions, this becomes an untenable situation,” said Carroll.


Some canadian athletes are comforted by the fact that there is light — a period of four weeks — at the end of the tunnel.

“I am pleased that they have given a date, pointed out Brent Lakatos, 11-time world champion in wheelchair racing. I understand that they need more time to decide what to do, but with the way things are going recently, I can’t imagine they’re not going to see the Games. “

The criticisms of the position of the IOC have gained momentum lately. The governing bodies american track and field and swimming have ordered the official olympic reporter for the Games. Swimming Canada then followed suit.

The national olympic committee of Brazil, the republic of Slovenia and Norway are part of those who ask for a deferral until the health crisis, the world is quiet.

Kia Nurse, a canadian star in basketball, has mentioned that she has confidence that the ” canadian olympic Committee and canadian officials in health, who must take difficult decisions, will do so in the interest of the staff, supporters and athletes “.

Since the first modern olympic Games in Athens in 1896, the Games have been cancelled only three occasions: in 1916, 1940 and 1944, during the world wars. There were three boycotts of major, in 1976 in Montreal, in 1980 and 1984.

There are more than 330 000 cases of coronavirus have been identified around the world and more than 14,000 deaths.

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