#CanadaEnPrestation will extend over two years

#CanadaEnPrestation se prolongera sur deux ans

#CanadaEnPrestation se prolongera sur deux ans

The canadian singer Jim Cuddy has opened on the 19 march concert series #virtual CanadaPerforms which is headed by the NAC. He was surrounded by Colin Cripps and his sons Devin Cuddy and Sam Polley.


May 22, 2020 11h53

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#CanadaEnPrestation will extend over two years

#CanadaEnPrestation se prolongera sur deux ans

#CanadaEnPrestation se prolongera sur deux ans

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#CanadaEnPrestation, the series of broadcast performances on Facebook will continue for at least two years, unveiled Friday at the national arts Centre (NAC), which oversees the initiative.

The platform will give this summer a boost to several festivals have had to cancel the holding of their activities as a result of the pandemic,” promises the NAC. #CanadaEnPrestation will include the celebrations of Canada day, with activities planned during “the whole month of June”.

The NAC and Facebook Canada have renewed for two years this partnership initiated at the beginning of the confinement period. the banner #CanadaEnPrestation provides a showcase paid aiux canadian artists who wanted to give concert virtual during the pandemic of COVID-19.

“Founding partner”, Facebook Canada was first injected 200 000 $ in #CanadaEnPrestation, before bringing his contribution to$ 500,000. Amount by which the series will “continue to help the artists in promoting the influence of benefits, concerts and festivals online”, says the NAC.

The platform has initially served as”aid [financial] urgent to many artists whose concerts have been cancelled,” recalls the president and chief executive officer of the NAC, Christopher Deacon, about the creation of #CanadaEnPrestation.

“From the moment the pandemic has forced the closure of theaters and the cancellation of festivals […] across the country, we knew that the NAC should establish itself as a leader [and] drive a movement of support for artists and the arts of the stage”, he explains.

Launched on the 19th of last march, the initiative has been set up “in a few days” only, says the great patron of the NAC.

In addition to Facebook Canada, the series benefits from the financial support of Slaight Music, the RBC Foundation, and SiriusXM Canada. They “have helped us to create a movement that has exceeded all of our expectations,” said Mr. Deacon, who does not forget “to thank the artists [who have put] their talent and creativity, online. “

#CanadaEnPrestation se prolongera sur deux ans

The programming of the day #CanadaEnPrestation, on the website of the NAC.


Already 4,5 million views… and emulated in Europe

The extension on the two years of the partnership between Facebook and the NAC lays the foundation of a national platform that will allow artists to experiment and innovate with online delivery,” says the NAC.

“This only serves to enrich the programming offered by the NAC. “The virtual experiences provide opportunities for gathering, increase the accessibility and enliven the cultural communities across the country,” recalls the centre of distribution, by way of press release.

“It is encouraging to see the music scene come together, persevere, and even to shine thanks to the internet and broadcast technologies during this difficult period,” notes the head of the public policy of Facebook Canada, Kevin Chan.

The funds support short-term put in place pure finance online events organised in the framework of #CanadaEnPrestation will have to pay over ” $ 700,000 in fees for artists,” said NAC.

The first phase of #CanadaEnPrestation will permit the live broadcast of the 700 performers and of authors, Jim Cuddy Margaret Atwood, passing by local artists, such as Kristine St-Pierre and Daniel Groleau Landry – in addition to generating “more than 6000 applications”. This initial fund will end on 31 may 2020.

#CanadaEnPrestation se prolongera sur deux ans

Broadcast as part of #CanadaPerforms, the virtual meeting between the ex-governor general Adrienne Clarkson and author Margaret Atwood has generated some 28 000 views.


“Happy blend of the two official languages, the initiative has collected more than 4.5 million views of spectators from coast to coast, and everywhere in the world,” says the manager of the NAC

“In just two months of existence, #CanadaEnPrestation has had an impact phenomenal”, to the point of inspiring several digital initiatives, similar, that #IrelandPerforms”, the NAC called “european” of the canadian banner (#CanadaPerforms, in English).

Summer program

For its second wave of activity, #CanadaEnPrestation will partner with the Canada day, July 1, unveiled the NAC on Friday, suggesting a contribution to the celebrations that crisscross the country during the month of June, under the name “road to the Canada day”.

In partnership with canadian Heritage, the platform “will help to strengthen the virtual participation of Canadians who are planning a 1st of July digital”.

It will in addition, “throughout the summer season, the beautiful part to festivals of the performing arts from across the country who have had to close shop due to the pandemic”. The benefits and upcoming events will be announced “shortly”.

“We are excited to continue the momentum of #CanadaEnPrestation and to bring the arts into homes across the country and elsewhere in the world,” says the producer general of popular Music and varieties at the NAC, Heather Gibson, who is also the main responsible for the programming of #CanadaEnPrestation.

Information: NAC.

The programming of the day is detailed here.

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