Canadians divided on a possible vaccination against COVID-19

Les Canadiens divisés sur une éventuelle vaccination obligatoire contre la COVID-19

April 28, 2020 8.40


Canadians divided on a possible vaccination against COVID-19

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MONTREAL – When Canadians are asked if they believe that a possible vaccine against the COVID-19 should be compulsory or optional, they are divided according to the findings of a survey of the house Light to be released Tuesday.

The consultation was conducted online between 24 and 26 April from 1504 respondents indicates that 60 % of them favour compulsory vaccination, while 40 % think it should be left to the choice of the citizens.

The executive vice-president of Léger, Christian Bourque, said that these results do not necessarily indicate that only 60% of people would be vaccinated.

However, Mr. Bourque was to be expected that accession to higher the idea of making the vaccine mandatory, given the scale of the pandemic COVID-19 and the devastation that it has done so far across the world.

In addition, the survey was conducted in collaboration with the Association for canadian studies indicates that more than half of the respondents would be comfortable to return to their place of work or at the mall if the access restrictions applied at these locations were lifted.

However, major concerns persist among Canadians about the re-opening of places where social distancing is more difficult to apply: restaurants, bars, gyms and arenas with spectator sports or cultural, in particular.

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