Canadians very satisfied with their governments in the face of the COVID-19

Les Canadiens très satisfaits de leurs gouvernements face à la COVID-19

Les Canadiens très satisfaits de leurs gouvernements face à la COVID-19

The prime minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and the premier of Quebec, François Legault


June 9, 2020 8: 25


Canadians very satisfied with their governments in the face of the COVID-19

Stéphane Blais

The Canadian Press

Canadians remain highly satisfied with the response of governments to respond to the health crisis. The pandemic has also given a serious boost of life to the liberals of Justin Trudeau, who see their voting intentions jump by about 15% compared to the month of January.

This is reflected in the most recent survey conducted by Leger and the Association of canadian studies who has also taken the pulse of the population on the wearing of the mask, the reopening of restaurants, and the possibility of a second wave of the COVID-19.

If a federal election were to be held now, the liberal Party of Canada would get the support of 46% of voters decided then that as of 22 January, before the pandemic, the party of Justin Trudeau got 31% of voting intentions.

These gains of the liberals are mostly at the expense of the conservative Party of Canada, who got 32% of voting intentions in January, compared to 25% according to the last probe of the firm’s Lightweight, made between the 5th and the 7th of June.

Still, according to this survey, the New democratic Party has the trust of 15% of voters decided, a decline of 4%, the Bloc Quebecois is the choice of 29% of Quebecers, a decline of 1%, and the green Party is at 6% whereas it was 8% before the pandemic.

A very strong majority of Canadians, 78%, agreed with the way the federal government manages the health crisis.

Satisfied with the first ministers

John Horgan, the premier of British Columbia (91 %), the premier of Quebec, François Legault (84 %) and the premiers of the Atlantic provinces are in the top of the list in regards to the approval rate in the provinces. 80% of Canadians are in favour of the measures put in place by their provincial government.

In regards François Legault, his star has slightly faded so that the rate of satisfaction has dropped by 10 percentage points since the end of the month of march.

Fear of a second wave

A strong majority of 76% of Canadians believe that there will be a second wave of the COVID-19. It is in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the two provinces least affected by the pandemic, as there are fears that a second wave, while 68% of the respondents are of the opinion that the coronavirus will come back in force. In Quebec, 72% of respondents who are of this opinion.

Among those who believe that there will be a second wave, 40% believe that this wave will be as strong as the first, and 32% are of the opinion that it will be stronger and 18% less strong.

It is in Quebec, the province most affected by the pandemic, that we believe the least that the second wave will be more strong, so that this opinion is shared by 28% of respondents.

An overwhelming majority of Canadians, 80%, think that it is the responsibility of each citizen, rather than for the government to take the necessary measures to avoid a second wave.

Agree with the déconfinement

A majority of Quebecers, or 67 %, are in agreement with the rhythm of the déconfinement put in place by governments, while 15% of respondents found that the déconfinement is not fast enough, and 18% that it is too fast.

The stroke of the probe indicates that 76% of Quebecers agree with the opening of restaurants with restrictive measures, while 10% believe that the restaurants should open without any new health measure. 13% of Quebecers are of the opinion that it is too early to open the restaurants, even with new health rules.

53% of Quebecers believe that the bars should reopen now with restrictive measures, while 38% say that the bars should not be reopened for the moment, and only 8% would like the opening of the bars without any new rule.

Without surprise, it is in Ontario and Quebec that wearing a mask is the most popular.

52% of Quebecers and 60 per cent of Ontarians wear a covering face at the grocery store whereas in the two provinces, only 20% of respondents cover their faces at work.

In transit, 17% of men and 16% of Ontarians say wear a cover face.

In favor of the vaccination

68% of Canadians intend to get vaccinated against the COVID-19 when this will be possible, compared to 16% who refuse to do so and 16 % who have not taken a decision. In comparison, only 55% of Americans who may wish to be vaccinated against the COVID-19, according to the same survey.

The survey was conducted between the 5th and the 7th of June, from 1523 Canadians and 1001 Americans.

Light indicates that using data from the 2016 census, the results have been statistically weighted according to age, sex, native language, region, level of education and presence of children in the household to ensure a sample representative of the population.

Given that the surveys from the panels for the Internet are not random samples, we cannot calculate the margin of error.

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