Canadians wear the mask in increasing numbers

Les Canadiens portent le masque en nombre croissant

Photo: Graham Hughes The canadian Press

Saturday, Quebec became the first province to impose the wearing of the mask to the interior of the public spaces.

Before the resurgence of cases of COVID-19, many Canadians choose to reluctantly wear a mask to stop the spread of the virus, according to a new Angus Reid poll.

According to this survey, only 55% of respondents wear a mask regularly when they leave the house. The others are rarely or not at all.

The support for the compulsory wearing of the cover-face of more than 70 % in all provinces of the country, except in Alberta (60 %) and Saskatchewan (55 %).

The premier of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has warned those who refuse to wear the mask. He said that a second containment will have consequences even more disastrous for the economy.

“I’ve heard some say that wearing a mask is an idea globalist. I reminded them that I was defending the idea when the world health Organization — an organization globalist — wouldn’t recommend it. If the port mask the irritating, the alternative will be a stop most expanded of economic activities if we are hit by a second wave. “

Nearly three in four respondents (74 %) have pointed out the discomfort, the certainty of not catching the COVID-19, the inefficiency perceived masks or the desire to imitate those who do not.

The survey also indicates that men are much less likely to wear a cover face that women. A majority of respondents of all age categories, say wear one when leaving the house.

And yet, the survey also suggests that the main concern of the country was the threat represented by the COVID-19. The concern is at its highest level since the month of April.

Growing support

Another survey, this one conducted by the firm Leger and the Association of canadian studies, points out that the support for the wearing of the mask had climbed nearly 10 percentage points from 26 June to 12 July.

According to this survey, 67 % of the respondents say wearing a mask is mandatory in the indoor spaces, compared to 58 % a little more than two weeks.

Only 27% of respondents were opposed to this measure.

Saturday, Quebec became the first province to impose the wearing of the mask to the interior of the public spaces.

Similar measures had already been enacted in various cities in Ontario, such as Toronto.

The Ontario medical Association has asked the provincial government to keep the bars closed, saying that this presents a “significant risk” for outbreak potential.

“When people consume alcohol, inhibitions are reduced, which makes them much less likely to engage in physical distance, to adopt the mask and good hygiene to the hands “, said the president of the WOA, Dr. Samantha Hill.

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