Cancellation of the Grands Prix cyclistes of Québec and of Montréal

Annulation des Grands Prix cyclistes de Québec et de Montréal

Photo: Valérian Mazataud Archives The Duty
The tests were carried out on 11 and 13 September in the streets of Quebec city and Montreal, respectively. Here, a souvenir of the Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal in 2018.

The Grands Prix cyclistes de Quebec and Montreal have been cancelled due to the pandemic of COVID-19, revealed the organization Thursday morning.

The organization has mentioned that after performing a careful analysis of the current situation, both in Quebec and abroad, it has come to the conclusion that it was impossible to meet all the health requirements and operational requirements in order to ensure a safe environment for all in this time of pandemic COVID-19

These tests were carried out on 11 and 13 September in the streets of Quebec city and Montreal, respectively.

“Today, too many uncertainties remain (open borders, mandatory quarantine, permission for holding assemblies, etc.). It would not have been responsible, and respectful vis-à-vis all those who trust us since 2010, pushing more of the decision”, said the president of the GPCQM, Serge Arsenault, by way of a press release.

“All the efforts made, to preserve our standards of quality and ensure the safety of all, proved futile. Obviously, there is a deep sadness to put our races in brackets, so that in only ten years, they have become a big toll on the international circuit and are greatly courted by the greatest riders in the world. But before we are all in the service of the riders, teams, spectators and our partners,” he added.

For the same reasons, the Critérium national de Montréal, organized by the team of the GPCQM in the margin of his races of the UCI WorldTour, will not be held as planned on 12 September.

This however will not be the end of the GPCQM, as Arsenault explained that the races will be back on the 10 and 12 September 2021.

“It is with great anticipation that we all look forward to their return in 2021”, has declared the president of the international cycling Union, David Lappartient.

Greg Van Avermaet has won the Grand Prix cycliste de Montreal last year, while Michael Matthews triumphed in the Grand Prix cycliste de Québec.

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