Cancer treatments and COVID-19: Danielle McCann throws the ballast

Traitements contre le cancer et COVID-19: Danielle McCann jette du lest

The minister of Health, Danielle McCann

April 3, 2020 11h22

Updated at 17h43


Cancer treatments and COVID-19: Danielle McCann throws the ballast


The Canadian Press


Quebecers waiting for a surgery or cancer treatment, semi-urgent, postponed because of the COVID-19, may soon be recalled to the hospital.

The minister of Health, Danielle McCann, decided to throw in the ballast, and allow for more action, after having found that sufficient beds (7000) had been released for patients with the COVID-19.

Last Monday, the canadian cancer Society had sounded the alarm, saying observed that many Quebecers with cancer lived in fear that their disease progresses during the health crisis.

The Company was among other things, that Quebec is in the process of creating a “waiting list” that would be very difficult to manage after the crisis. Cancer did not stop, she had argued.

Thursday afternoon, the minister McCann explained its decision by saying that “the situation at the level of the N95 masks has improved a little bit”. In addition, she said, “our blood bank is in a better position”.

“Is it that we have what it takes? What I want to say today is that the situation has a little improved, and then we will be able probably open it a little bit on situations which are between two said Mrs McCann at the press conference. I think we’re going to open up a little bit in the next few days.”

Asked to clarify, the ministry of Health said in a message to The canadian Press they heard “the concerns of the people waiting for surgeries semi-urgent were postponed”.

“We are talking about a majority of heart surgeries and cancer,” explained the publicist Marie-Claude Lacasse.

An expert committee will provide guidance to the network for the recovery of certain activities surgery semi-urgent in the next few days, according to the confirmation of the arrival of the N95 masks, she added.

How many surgeries or treatments will be made? In what hospitals? “This will be to determine the availability of resources […] and according to the evolution of the pandemic.”

The ministry of Health also explained that the committees and clinics in the institutions that will choose who will receive their surgery or treatment.

“Our priority was to free up beds and prepare for the crisis,” says Lacasse. We aim to achieve a balance between preparing for the case COVID 19 and continue the services for the patients.”

The canadian cancer Society estimates that in 2020, there will be 225 800 new cases of cancer in Canada, of which 56 600 in Quebec.

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