Cannes: Xavier Dolan, friends first

The Quebec director also hoped, when they began to work together on this project, that they could share with them “the vertigo, the stress” that “have inhabited me for ten years” on the Croisette – and the “lack of of sleep, “launched actress Catherine Brunet under the bursts of laughter.

The rise of the steps, the entrance to the room, the applause, the accolades, all this emotion, “we saw it by taking refuge in the eyes of his friends”, explained Pierre-Luc Funk.

Their great complicity was evident in a press conference, not hesitating to stop and tease each other. At the time of turning, “the pilling between friends was already acquired,” said Pierre-Luc Funk. It seemed …

Obviously, Xavier Dolan could only measure the distance since I killed my mother in 2009 at the Directors’ Fortnight, eight feature films. He claims that he will distance his achievements to play the game – he designed his first films to have roles. We’ll see.

The first time, “we discover this dichotomous, chaotic atmosphere, this amalgam of cinema and stars”. This is what he wanted to relive through the eyes of his friends, remaining vague about the ins and outs with them not to spoil their pleasure.

Nevertheless, his greatest memory linked to Cannes, where he came with six works, is his participation as a jury member in 2015. “Because I did not have a film to present. It’s less taxing, “he said, pointing out that seeing so many great productions over such a short period of time had been a landmark experience.

With Mathias & Maxime , a transition film, “I’m closing a chapter of my life”. His presences at the Cannes Film Festival have “transformed” him. Which allowed him this time “to express another part of myself, with more restraint”.

The franglais in question …

Speaking of expression, the feature film also reflects the group’s questioning about the state of French in Quebec, particularly through the character of Erika, a 16-year-old teenager who expresses in an almost incomprehensible franglais.

“There is already a huge language gap between her and us. English is invading more and more, but it was important to present all levels of language, “explained the scriptwriter and director of Matthias & Maxime .

… sexual identity too

The sentimental drama features two long-time friends who question the meaning of their relationship after they kiss each other. The fluidity of sexual identity, even for young people like them, is “new and disturbing”.

From childhood, we are conditioned by our education, says the creator. So even if it is claimed, “is one deeply free sexually and emotionally”?

Matthias & Maxime is above all an ode to friendship, I wrote. Beyond, the feature film raises a fundamental question, says Xavier Dolan: “Is friendship is love?”

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