Captain Marvel : Carol Danvers in search of the Skrulls on a new photo

Carol Danvers seems to be ready to fight on this new image !

In life, there are two categories of people : Those who lead and those who follow. Captain Marvel, performed by Brie Larson, is clearly part of the first category. In the two trailers, it shows incredible strength and a spirit of true leader. And when the hunt for Skrulls is open, it is not the last to leave to their research. The evidence yet on this new photo from the movie. Carol gives us an overview on his costume from the Starforce front of a train, the haggard look, probably trying to look for the Skrull , who will take on the appearance of an old lady. Without suspecting that he will eat the punch of the century ! But is this the only threat it faces ? New theories abounded, assuming that the Black Order of Thanos could also face Captain Marvel. But so far, focus only on the Skrulls, which already represent a danger.

Captain Marvel : Carol Danvers ? la recherche des Skrulls sur une nouvelle photo

In his quest for peace, she will be able to visibly count on the support of the young Nick Fury, ready to do anything to help her regain her memory. One cannot say as much of the character of Jude Law, ultra mysterious in his uniform of the Starforce. Will he be a traitor to his people ? It is in any case eager to discover the atmosphere of the 90’s, since the plot will revolve around the year 1995. A context a little bit retro, that allows you to put more in before the discovery of our world by the people Kriyas. Recall that Carol Danvers is half-human / half Kriyas, and as it said in the trailer, she keeps memories of her life on Earth, even if it is not yet known how she was lost. For that, it will run in cinemas from 6 march 2019 !