Captain Marvel : Samuel L. Jackson spoile an extraordinary power of heroin

Captain Marvel still has more power than you could think !

The time travel is part of the major assumptions on the Avengers Endgame. The Avengers survivors are they going to go back in time to save all the other heroes disappeared ? Good question… What we know now, is that Captain Marvel is able to do it ! Samuel L. Jackson has himself spoil? this extraordinary power. If we do not see the demonstration in the new trailer for Captain Marvel, one should this information to the journalists, E-News, which went on the set and sent the confessions of the interpreter of Nick Fury : “Captain Marvel is about the character the most powerful in the Marvel universe, so for that Carol Danvers is this person, and for Brie to become this person, it will take a good dose of dynamite. I mean, they face a threat really, really devastating in Infinity War. At any given time, we will discover how powerful it is and all the things it is capable of. It is part of the few people in the Marvel universe who can travel in time.”

Bim, drop the mic ! If we already knew that the power of Captain Marvel was unbeatable in the MCU, it was far from suspecting that she was able to travel back in time to its ease. Would this be the reason why his character has not aged in the Avengers Endgame ? Is she able to move from 1995 to 2018 in a blink of an eye ? Why not ! In the comics, Carol Danvers can bring in the energy of a white hole and to control the electro-magnetic energy when she transforms into Binary, but also the ambient heat and gravity which allows him to survive and steal at a speed close to the light in the space. If one refers to Superman able to turn back time by reversing the rotation of the Earth in D. C (not to mention the scientific veracity of this action), this theory is not so unlikely for Marvel. This is likely to make the film, expected to be march 6, 2019 is even more interesting ! Add this to the sneak peak revealing a new super-heroine, you get an explosion of power.