Captain Marvel : The movie sets the stage for Secret Invasion

Captain Marvel is the first stage of a project much larger to the MCU !

You have been able to discover the Skrulls in the trailers for Captain Marvel, and we must admit, they are rather scary. But more than simple villains in a film solo, the alien race represents a greater threat than you may think for the MCU. In the comics, she is the source of a massive invasion of Earth, called Secret Invasion. Having the ability to take any form, they infiltrate the SHIELD and even the Avengers for years without being discovered, before being chased off once and for all. A plot thrilling, which is expected to become one of the pillars of the film world Marvel if one believes the producer, Jonathan Schwartz. During a visit to the film set of the movie, journalists have had the chance to bring back a few confessions crispy on the future of our super-heroes after Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel : Le film pr?pare le terrain pour Secret Invasion

And according to him, the plot will be slightly different : “Yes, we talked about Secret Invasion. I would not speak of this movie by saying : “Which one of these super-heroes is a Skrull ?” Because Carol is more or less the first super-hero to appear on Earth. But are we in the process of planting seeds for future films ? Always. What I would say about the war between Kriyas and Skrull, is that it is much more a kind of backdrop and the foundation mythology for the film than the direct ascent of a plot such as that of Civil War.” Like this, it is clear, it will probably have to start thinking : Which of our Avengers favorite is in reality a Skrull since the beginning ? They could be unmasked in the next few years to come ! And if you have not quite understood where it comes from this conflict, you have the chance, Jude Law explains the war between the Skrulls and Krees and the role of the Supreme Intelligence !