Captain Marvel : The questions that arise after you mate the trailer

The Skrulls, Krees, Nick Fury, an old lady rather dangerous… And all the questions that it inspires us !

The new trailer for Captain Marvel has been nice to answer some of our questions, it has also raised new. It must be said that this trailer is full of events : we see Carole facing a grand-mother who turns out to be a Skrull, discuss with Nick Fury (who is totally gaga for her cat), trying to remember his past, turning up with his team Starforce, splitting the space in his suit, helmet, retractable, receiving a blood transfusion blue Kriyas… in Short, a number of important things happen to Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) for 2 minutes 30 ! You have listed five issues that have resulted.

What Captain Marvel is the central pivot of the plot ?

Captain Marvel : Les questions qu'on se pose après avoir maté le trailer

Certainly, the film door on it, but also about the war between the peoples of the Skrulls and Krees, on his meeting with Phil Coulson and Nick Fury, on the origin of his amazing powers, his loss of memory, on its position within Starforce… The question that follows from that is how the movie is going to-t-he reach to connect these many elements to Carol Danvers through an arc of a narrative coherent ? The young woman says to Fury that “something in [his] past is the key to it all“. Knowing what is this element, we have the answer to our question !

Why on Earth is it an important element ?

Captain Marvel : Les questions qu'on se pose après avoir maté le trailer

That is to say, as spectators, we would like to understand why, in the film world of Marvel, the villains cross the galaxy just to attack the Earth. It would seem that it is at the heart of a conspiracy convoluted. The father of Thor, Odin, has even hidden the Tesseract (in which is concealed the Stone Space). What’s more, both Marvel heroes are the result of unions between humans and alien races : Carol Danvers (half-Kriyas) and Star Lord (son of Ego, a planet). No doubt, the Earth and its inhabitants have a special role in the universe.

How much time has passed Carole with the Krees ?

Captain Marvel : Les questions qu'on se pose après avoir maté le trailer

Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, and at that time, it is without a doubt a warrior Kriyas accomplished. Except that his training to learn to become a fighter starts when it is found amnesiac, after his career in the US Air Force. So, how much time has elapsed between its supported by the Krees and his return to the Earth ? Knowing that Captain Marvel will not have aged at the time of Avengers 4, and that his face does not change with time, it is hard to say…

But… who is the true villain of the story ?

Captain Marvel : Les questions qu'on se pose après avoir maté le trailer

There are the people of the Skrulls, enemies notorious Krees, but these are not the only ones who want to hurt Captain Marvel. Even if we see this last fight a Skrull disguised as an old lady in the trailer, she also says that she will not participate in the war between the Krees. The villain embodies the ultimate threat will he be played by Annette Bening, who seems to be the person to which Carole said,”I’m not going to participate in your war. I’m going to finish it” ? Or the character played by Jude Law, he played the villain Yon-Rogg ?

What do the Skrulls on Earth ?

Captain Marvel : Les questions qu'on se pose après avoir maté le trailer

The enemies of the Krees seem to have invaded Earth in the trailer for Captain Marvel where an old lady is revealed to be a Skrull… Are they in search of Carol Danvers, and if yes, for what reason ? At least they are on Earth to retrieve the Stone of Infinity contained in the Tesseract ? We can’t believe that they landed at us at random…