Cardi B at war with Nicki Minaj, she finally reveals the reason for their fight

Cardi B en guerre avec Nicki Minaj, elle révèle enfin la raison de leur bagarre

Cardi B has finally decided to speak up about her fight with Nicki Minaj during New York fashion week ! The rapper explains his gesture.

The brawl between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj has surprised their fans ! During the last fashion week in new york, the interpreter of Bodak Yellow has a rush on his rival, before attempting to swing his shoe. Cardi B, who has since recorded a song with Meek Mill explained his gesture with a message on Instagram : “You threats other artists in the industry, saying that if they work with me, you pourriraient (…) I have left to say to the m*rde to me but when you look back at my child, when you make comments about me as a mother and my ability to take care of my daughter, it is finished.” And today she comes back again on this event.

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In fact, as reported by the website E! News, Cardi B is assigned to the W magazine : “It’s been a while that she was taking to me. I spoke to him twice, and we were to reach an agreement. But she continued”. She added that she seen Nicki Minaj like a tweet criticizing the way she educates her daughter, before retracting. It was not accepted : “I would have won millions with my tour with Bruno Mars, and I’ve given up on it to stay with my daughter. I love my daughter. I am a p*tain good mom. So that anyone who has no child is allowed to like this comment ?” It also justifies its choice to lead this altercation during fashion week : “a Lot of people say that this evening was not the right time, but I’m not going to see another artist at the supermarket or at the bottom of home”to me. One thing is for sure, this case has fascinated the Canvas, and even Beyoncé has expressed on the conflict between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj !