Cardi B is separated from the rapper Offset to make a coup de pub ? She meets cash (VIDEO)

This is the question that everyone asks. Cardi B and Offset are they actually broken simply to get people talking about them ? The rapper has responded to the rumors and it is very cash !

This is the new that we did not expect. Then we imagined happy and in love, Cardi B, and Offset have decided to separate. A divorce announced by the singer on Instagram, just four months after the birth of their first child Kulture. “Things just don’t work out between us. This is not the fault of the person, I guess that they just stopped loving each other. We are no longer together. It will certainly take a little time to get a divorce but I will always have much love for him because he is the father of my daughter,” she explained. A message which has apparently not been clear enough. If some users are convinced that the whole story is a coup, Cardi B quickly handed the hands of the clock !

As you can hear in the video above, Cardi B is not gone through four paths to deny this rumor of a coup. “We fell in love. It has not always been perfect because in the end, it is two completely different people. But we never have done anything to get to the pub, you think that I am pregnant for kedal ? I would have been able to ruin my career for a coup marketing ? Band of fools ! You must be 10 years old to say silly things like that. Some people say that I went too fast. Maybe yes, maybe no. But I don’t regret anything, I have my daughter, she is beautiful, funny and perfect,” she swayed, thanking the passage Offset to be guided in his career. This is said ! And for still more news, here’s our recap of’ the people of the weekend : from Rihanna to Khloé Kardashian via Hailey Baldwin, the last two days have been hectic.