Cardiologists have found a way to extend the life of cores

Кардиологи нашли способ продлить жизнь сердечникам

Canadian cardiologists at the University of Alberta in Edmonton conducted a study and concluded that people who experienced heart attacks, ischemia, or stroke, can extend its life, if you will make a minimum of movement every twenty minutes.

Reports, Ailar Ramadi during a speech at the Congress of the Canadian cardiovascular society in Toronto said that people with heart disease, you need each day to perform simple physical exercises.

“Our study shows that the cores should get up every 20 minutes and the next seven minutes to devote to light physical activity,” said Ramadi.

He stressed that even periodic walks around the room can help to spend about 770 calories per day. Ucheny reminded that the lack of physical activity can lead to accumulation in the organism of cholesterol and other harmful fats.