Carla Moreau and Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3), Jazz, and Laurent (The Villa)… Return-on-couples-stars 2018

These couples have made us dream in 2018, and even if some are no longer together, they have clearly marked their programs.

As we know, the candidates of reality tv shows love to put in a couple almost as much as they love the conflict. After being back on the biggest clashes of the year 2018 in the reality tv, room for all these couples that have marked our minds. They are still together or not, we loved to see these candidates get closer to the screen, and live out their story in front of the cameras. And this year, there’s the serious one, since, in addition to torque, the candidates we have also offered a betrothal, weddings, and even a few babies ! Too much love, it is Christmas, we love it !

Carla Moreau and Julien Bert

Carla Moreau et Julien Bert (LMvsMonde3), Jazz et Laurent (La Villa)... Retour sur les couples stars de 2018

After several exchanges of messages on the networks, Carla Moreau and Julien Bert had immediately cracked one to the other on the shooting of Marseille vs the rest of the World 3. Now separated, the couple offered us some of the most beautiful surprises of the year, and he should continue to speak of him in 2019, since it is already known that in The Marseille Asia, both candidates have tried to reconcile.

Jazz and Laurent

After being married in television, Jazz and Laurent intend to become the new family of people in fashion just after the Kardashian (or almost). The Parents of a small Chelsea, and soon a small boy, the two candidates of reality tv are now in the stage of their holiday, or the anniversary of their daughter. A successful bet in 2018 for the couple !

Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia

Since their crush a few years ago, Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia spin the perfect love, and all of them successful. The couple settled in Dubai, has several thriving businesses, and cased in all his tv appearances. The icing on the cake, a few weeks ago, it was learned that the inhabitants of Marseilles had asked for her beautiful wedding in New York.

Melanie Da Cruz and Anthony Martial

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As dificuldades fazem a nossa for?a ????????????????

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In spite of the big rumors of infidelity surrounding at this time the couple is Melanie Da Cruz / Anthony Martial, the two lovers are still together, and fully deserve their place in our top couples of the year 2018. The Parents of a little boy named Swan, who was born in July last year, it is hoped that the former candidate for reality tv and the footballer will have great years ahead of them.