Carla Moreau at war with Julien Bert, Camille Froment and Sebastian (LPDLA6) in torque… with The little tv of the week

That happened this week in the news and tv ? This is the discover it, starting by this big tackle Carla Moreau to his ex Julien Bert after The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3.

This week, we speak to you of the big clash (yet) between Carla Moreau and Julien Bert. Since they are no longer together because of Kévin Guedj, the two former were declared the war on social networks, and recently the candidate marseillaise has recurred, in the taclant again. For users, this new attack seems to clearly confirm that Carla Moreau is recently furnished with Kevin Guedj ! On the side of the Princes and Princesses of Love 2, one wonders if Camille Froment and Sébastien Dubois are not as a couple since the end of the shoot, and it is Bryan who has sown the seed of doubt with a little phrase dropped on the social networks.

Carla Moreau en guerre avec Julien Bert, Camille Froment et Sébastien (LPDLA6) en couple... Le récap télé de la semaine

Another controversy this week, the one in which Jazz and Lawrence have been to face after their marriage. In fact, the couple is accused of touching up the pictures of his daughter Chelsea. A small lie which does not appear on the internet ! Since the filming of the Holiday Angels 3, Bryan Dubois has left doubt about the fact that he was (or was not) always in a relationship with Sarah Martins, and since then, people are asking questions ! Finally, Léana has explained his behaviour in the last episodes of Holiday Angels 3, where the young woman has refused to participate in a job, forcing all the other candidates to spend the night out of the villa.

Fortunately, this week has also had its share of good news, as Agathe Auproux appeared very sexy in a mini-skirt on his account Instagram, prompting a wave of compliments from all of its subscribers. Shanna Kress has finally unveiled the true reasons of his departure to Miami after his separation with Thibault Garcia, and it has put an end to the rumours which suggested that this change of life was cast because of Jessica Thivenin. For its part, Ayem Nour is displayed metamorphosed on his account Instagram, and as you say that we didn’t expect anything at all, to a change so radical !