Carla Moreau (LMAT) speaker Kevin Guedj ? A video is casting doubt

A video appears to confirm the pregnancy of Carla Moreau, and we offer you to discover it in this article…

A few days ago, the blogger Aqababe revealed that Carla Moreau was pregnant with Kevin Guedj and according to its proprietary information, it would be at the very beginning of her pregnancy… For the moment, the candidate iconic in W9 has not yet reacted to this announcement to confirm or deny ! But Carla Moreau (which has been taclée by a columnist of the Key Not at My Post during the broadcast of 14 march) is expected to quickly become the word on the social networks, since a video seems to confirm her pregnancy… A video that we suggest you discover above.

Carla Moreau (LMAT) enceinte de Kevin Guedj ? Une vidéo sème le doute

On the anniversary of Manon Marsault, Magali Berdah was doing a snap and just behind, we hear a young man say “congratulations” to Carla Moreau… Remains to be seen if he congratulate her for her supposed pregnancy and her moving in with Kevin Guedj ! At the time of writing at melty, we are quite eager to know more about this story. But before we can find out if Carla Moreau is actually pregnant, you should know that in episode 20 house, Asian Tower, a candidate has left the adventure, and Maeva was raced with Nacca because of Greg… Again !