Carla Moreau (LMEA) happy and in love, it does know (CAMERA)

Carla Moreau comes to know that she was very happy and we invite you to discover its publication Instagram in this article.

Carla Moreau Marseille Asia is pregnant with Kevin Guedj ? A detail shocked internet users on the social networks ! So if we don’t know if the pretty blonde is actually mom in 2019, it is known that she intends to be very happy for this new year… And it is on his account Instagram as she is emblematic of Marseille did know ! Carla Moreau also took the opportunity to make a small stock of his year 2018 has been “overwhelming” for her… A publication Instagram that we propose to you to discover a little further down in this article.

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A publication shared by Carla Moreau (@carlamoreau_____on 11 Jan. 2019 at 8 :41 pm PST

“The year 2018 will have been for me overwhelming. Ups and downs, a lot of things happened in my daily life… now, I see the year 2019 as a wonderful year, full of love, joy and fulfilled dream. I have the conviction that we are master of our own happiness and it is to this that I decided to live my life as I hear it without worrying about the gaze of others… no matter What you may hear or say, nothing is more important than be happy with his choice and live for what one really wants… ??”, she posted on the social network. At melty, we wish her happiness ! And if not, Adixia has shocked internet users on the web.