Carla Moreau (LMEA) soon pregnant with Kevin Guedj ? Julien Tanti balance an amazing photo on Snapchat

Julien Tanti suggests that Carla Moreau is currently pregnant with Kevin Guedj… It tells you everything in this article !

Kevin Guedj Marseille in Asia ready to have a child with Carla Moreau ? He posts a photo on Snapchat which means everything ! And Julien Tanti has not failed to jump on the opportunity to make up the sauce by suggesting on Snapchat that Carla Moreau was one month pregnant ! As you can see on the video above, Julian Tanti balance to his fraté that it is no longer than 8 months to prepare before the arrival of his child… Manon Marsault has even offered to come and do the baby-sitting to keep Tiago and exercise, as that she and Julian will be able to get out for a bit…

Carla Moreau (LMEA) bientôt enceinte de Kevin Guedj ? Julien Tanti balance une photo étonnante sur Snapchat

And this story makes you laugh Julien Tanti, who has even given a small name to the future baby… He decided to call it Bobi ! It is just as original as Donatello ! Of course, you understood that Carla Moreau does not appear to be pregnant, and while this is certainly a big joke on the part of the fraté… In any case, neither Carla Moreau, or Kevin Guedj did not confirm that they were going to become parents ! Before knowing the result of this little story, know that Thibault Garcia is currently on vacation in the Maldives with Jessica Thivenin and he comes to share a photo that makes you dream !