Carla Moreau (LMEA) speaker Kevin Guedj ? Miss France in a relationship with a famous footballer… Have you followed the news tv this week ? #02

Carla Moreau (LMEA) enceinte de Kevin Guedj ? Miss France en couple avec un c?l?bre footballeur... As-tu bien suivi l'actualit? t?l? cette semaine ? #02

Published 5 hours Published on the 11th of jan. 2019 10:57:37Ecrit by Amandine J.

The week has once again been rich in twists in the little world of tv, but did you also know everything that you want to claim ? It is the time to test your knowledge on all the dramas of the last few days.

1. How Julien Tanti has he officially nicknamed the baby from Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj ?

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    Mini Carla