Carla Moreau (LMvsMonde3) embraces Benjamin in front of Julien Bert, she is lynched by the users

Lynchée by users since the release of the last episode of Marseille vs the rest of the World 3, Carla Moreau is currently in full bad buzz.

So yesterday during the game problems, Carla Moreau has been dumped by Julien Bert in The Marseille vs. the rest of the World 3 after you have embraced Benjamin Samat twice during the game’s problems, the young woman has since of the cash in a true media lynching of the share of internet users, who accuse him of having done to Julien Bert everything she reproached Kévin Guedj at the time where they were a couple. If the candidate of reality tv does not currently have access to his phone, because she is filming, you’ll see that the comments on social networks are many, and particularly violent towards her.

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A publication shared by Carla Moreau (@carlamoreau_____on the 7th day of Nov. 2018 at 5 :26 pm PST

On social networks, the internet users are in effect given to heart joy to tackle the young woman on her behavior during game play problems : “You’re evil, look at what you’ve done to Julien, you don’t deserve a good guy”, “The jaguarette is back”, “You give me leprosy,” “She just had to not be disgusting to Julien if she doesn’t want to receive nasty comments”, “I’ve finally found the definition of the word hypocrisy in the dictionary : Carla,” “You me dégoûtes”, “This is Kevin who had a reason, a real manipulative. You’re despicable”. We’ll spare you the insults and the comments of the most violent, but you’ll understand, Carla Moreau, who was new on the filming of the new season of Marseille, is currently in full bad buzz, and things do not seem ready to calm down !