Carla Moreau (Marseille, Asia) address a message to Jazz and Laurent (The Villa), this is unexpected (PHOTO)

Carla Moreau has recently sent a message to Jazz and Laurent de La Villa, the battle of the couples, and it is rather unexpected.

While there are a few hours, you unveiled the new project unexpected Jazz and Laurent de La Villa, the battle of the couples, who have decided to be very generous with their followers for Christmas, a candidate is required to send an amazing message on the social networks. Following this initiative on the part of the couple, Carla Moreau has posted a screenshot of their competition, commenting : “Amazing this family really are true angels for all”. We don’t know too close, but obviously it is the mad love between the candidate marseillaise and Jazz !

Carla Moreau (Les Marseillais en Asie) adresse un message à Jazz et Laurent (La Villa), c'est inattendu (PHOTO)

It must be said that if the two contestants of reality tv, known for their strong character, has never shared adventure together, they have many points in common. Just like Jazz, which has quickly established her family with Laurent, Carla Moreau, who clashait recently with Julien Bert on shooting in Marseille in Asia a few days ago, also dreams of meeting the great love with which move forward in life. A true #familygoal that Carla Moreau does not hesitate to validate and admire on social networks. Remains to hope that things will improve next sentimental for the young woman…