Caroline Proulx promises a guide to restaurants… and then changes his mind

Caroline Proulx promet un guide pour les restaurateurs… puis se ravise

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Unlike many other economic sectors that have had either of the signals to prepare plans of déconfinement even begun, restaurant operators are still waiting.

The restaurant owners are still in the black, even after two parliamentary committees which have largely addressed their difficulties on Friday.

The minister of Tourism, Caroline Proulx, has promised to send in the day a guide to recovery to the restorers, which are among the most affected by the crisis of the COVID-19.

“You just informed me that today, we are going to send them this guide-there […] for a return to the activities in the restoration “, she announced.

But she soon ravisée in commission virtual Friday, stating towards the end of the trade, and eventually, the guide was not ready and that it would not be immediately sent to you.

It has caused confusion, even within his own staff, when she stated : “It is a committee which will present a guide today, small precision, so it is the committee of restoration. “

His press officer, Sandra O’connor, was forced to clarify that the guide in question was a guide to sanitary measures for the sector of the restoration and that it was currently in preparation for the CNESST.

The minister Proulx went on to say that the goal was to help entrepreneurs prepare for the reopening, for example, of the dining rooms, when it will be permitted.

She added that an inter-ministerial committee, composed of the ministers of Agriculture, Economy, Labour and Finance, focused currently on scenarios of recovery. It has not advanced dates.

Unlike many other economic sectors that have had either of the signals to prepare plans of déconfinement even begun, restaurant operators are still waiting. They call for at least one calendar to be ready to reopen to the arrival of the beautiful season.

The liberal mp Frantz Benjamin has pointed out in committee that more than 50 % of the jobs in the tourism industry are to be found in the catering sector.

More than 1,000 restaurants close, predicted Fitzgibbon

The minister of Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, said during a second committee that good year, bad year, approximately 1000 restaurants close. “It’s probably going to be more than that” this year, he dropped out.

He admitted that for some companies in the tourism industry, the emergency loans will not be sufficient.

Mr. Fitzgibbon said that he was working on a program for conservators, which will be modulated depending on the efficiency of operations. “It is sure that they will have to do something, but we must also be careful “, he said.

“We will not give $ 10,000 to each of the restaurants of Montreal or Quebec, it would not have made good business sense. […] We need people to do their part too. […] We don’t want to be the owner of 22 000 restaurants. “

The campsites are also waiting

Caroline Proulx insists that there will be a tourist season in Quebec this summer. Friday, she was surprised to learn that there is some fear that the camping season is ruined.

“The season of the camping is not on the water,” she exclaimed.

The minister informed the members that the guide to health developed by Camping Québec has been approved by the public health authorities and that the government was waiting for the green light to allow the resumption of activities.

“People are a little impatient, and this is normal. “

The campgrounds are closed, as the camping sites and the cabins of the SEPAQ, even if the government announced on Wednesday the re-opening of the parks SEPAQ as of may 20.

How do I make sure that Quebecers do not go spend their dollars on tourism in Ontario, which reopened its campsites as early as Saturday ? asked the mp Émilise Lessard-Therrien, Québec solidaire.

“There is a prohibition of crossing between Quebec and Ontario of today’s date, has answered the minister. It is forbidden to travel inter-regional in Québec, ” she added.

“I can confirm for me that since the lifting of the control points in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region, the flow is permitted now on the side of Ontario,” clarified the mp solidarity.

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