Caruana – Stakhovsky. Forecast for tennis (22.11.2018)

Каруана - Стаховский. Прогноз на теннис (22.11.2018)

In the second round of the tournament Challenger in the Italian town of Andria Ukrainian Stakhovsky will play against the owner of the local courts Caruana. What the outcome of this confrontation? – read our forecast.

Liam Caruana

Caruana is only making its first steps in tennis. He plays not so often. For example, this year, on account of his 51 match. Most of them he played on the ITF tournaments. But he has speech and challengers. On the second round he was not even on the ITF tournaments. The exception is the competition at the end of October, where the Italian reached the semi-finals, but the match against the Egyptian Maamoun he did not.

At the moment in the world ranking Caruana is a 620-e a place.

Sergiy Stakhovsky

In the first round of this tournament Stakhovsky quite easily beat Italian Matteo viola (6-1, 7-5). Confidently winning the first game, the Ukrainian was relaxed and in the second lost two of their submission. However, Sergey managed to get together and play them.

To Andria Stakhovsky came after the French national Championships. There he beat Ian Mirtle and Gonzalo Oliveiro. But in the third round, the Ukrainian lost Enrique Lopez-Perez.

Statistics and personal meetings

    • Between the rivals have never played. This will be their first personal meeting.
    • This year in the hall Caruana won 6 games, and Stakhovsky – 15.


  • Caruana likes to play on fast courts, but it is still too early to fight on equal terms with players of the calibre Stakhovsky. In the first round of the tournament Liam well with the 404-th racket of the world rankings Alexander ehrler. Yesterday, the Ukrainian played a lot better than the young Italian. We believe that thanks to their experience, Sergei will win quite easy this meeting.