Celine Dion has accused of Satanism because of the clothes

Селин Дион обвинили в сатанизме из-за одежды

Some time ago it became known that Celine Dion has decided to launch gender-neutral clothes for kids, but not all this idea is in the spirit of modern tolerance came to mind.

The canadian singer was accused of Satanism because of the approach to create things. His categorical opinion was expressed by the Catholic priest from Pennsylvania John Esseff.

In an interview with National Catholic Register, the priest says: “This approach to gender issues – from the demons. This is wrong. I don’t know how much there is now a gender, but God created only two. When a child is born, we say a boy or a girl. And it’s the most natural thing in the world. All the talk about the lack of difference coming from Satan”.

He also added that 10% of things from the Celine shows a skull, which is also a bad character, especially in children’s clothing. Dion herself has not commented on the statement of Asseffa, but when advertising their line she said that parents should give their children freedom of choice in their tastes and preferences. “We help them to feel free, creative and respectful of each other,” says the star, quoted Popcornnews.