Cell towers burned, conspiracy theories: the police investigation

Tours cellulaires incendiées, théories conspirationnistes: la police enquête 

Tours cellulaires incendiées, théories conspirationnistes: la police enquête 

These fires of telecommunications tower is approximately 70 kilometres to the north of the metropolis.

May 4, 2020 20h58


Cell towers burned, conspiracy theories: the police investigation

Giuseppe Valiante

The canadian Press


On Sunday, the city of Prévost, in the Laurentians, has deemed it necessary to publish a message on his page in Facebook indicating that the telecommunications tower was not of capacity 5G, in response to numerous questions from citizens made anxious by conspiracy theories.

At about 4 o’clock Monday morning, the tower of this town was in flames. Twenty minutes earlier, authorities had been called on the scene of another fire of a telecommunications tower in the nearby town of Piedmont. The Sûreté du Québec (SQ) believes that there are two criminal acts.

These fires, which occurred approximately 70 kilometres to the north of the metropolis, occurred after a telecommunications tower was covered by a fire early Friday morning in Laval.

Conspiracy theories

Mariepièr Of Laurel, a spokeswoman for the city of Prévost, said that in recent weeks, many residents had shared some of the conspiracy theories to be unfounded, involving the fifth generation of the mobile communication network to the COVID-19. The 5G is a technology standard that cell phone companies deploy gradually in the world.

Ms. Laurel has explained in an interview with The canadian Press that this is not the first time that people are afraid to as a result of false information or things that they see on the Internet.

The false information about the 5G and the coronavirus have been shared hundreds of thousands of times on social networks, especially as the new facilities 5G have created the virus.

Fifty fires targeting of telecommunications towers and other equipment have been reported in the United Kingdom this month, resulting in three arrests. Sixteen fires have been reported in the netherlands, and harm have also been reported in Ireland, Cyprus and Belgium.

Jean-François Albert, the director of the municipality of Piedmont, said he had not heard of any concerns on the part of citizens concerning the security of the technology 5G. The cell phone tower is located on the property of the city and was operated by Telus, but he said that the city had recently signed a new contract with Bell.

It is however not a tower type 5G, he said Monday in an interview.

The tower located at Prevost belongs to Rogers, but she has the equipment to Bell. Both Mr. Albert Mrs. Laurel noted that their tours ‘ respective were damaged by the fire, but that the cell phone service was still operational in the two cities.

In Laval, a spokesman for the police, Stephanie Beshara said Monday that she was unaware if the fire was the subject of a criminal investigation. According to media reports, the fire department of Laval had initially claimed that the tower had a capacity of 5G, but a fix has been made to indicate that this is not the case.

The police have no suspect in respect of these fires.

A spokesperson for the SQ, Marc Tessier, has stated that the investigators will contact the police of Laval to determine if the fires from Monday are related to that of Friday – and if they are in any way attributable to the conspiracy theories regarding technology 5G and the new coronavirus.

“All the various hypotheses are examined,” said Mr. Tessier. With information from the Associated Press

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