Centenary 14-18 : Macron and Trump have a “entente cordiale”

Centenaire 14-18 : Macron et Trump affichent une "entente cordiale"

Centenaire 14-18 : Macron et Trump affichent une "entente cordiale"

Emmanuel Macron has received Donald Trump in the presidential Palace on Saturday morning in the margins of the commemorations of the centenary of the end of the First world War.

The two men wanted to defuse the controversy after the determination shown by the French president to create a “true european army”.

And after the response has been scathing of the tenant of the White House for whom this project is “highly offensive,” and that “Europe should first pay its share of the Nato”.

Emmanuel Macron : “I think that my proposals for a european defence are entirely consistent, because it means more Europe in NATO, more capacity, to bear our share of the burden”.

Donald Trump : “And I appreciate what you say about sharing your contribution. You know what has been my attitude and we want a strong Europe.”

This will not prevent Donald Trump to snub the great Forum on Peace planned in Paris this Sunday.

Instead, the u.s. president will visit the american cemetery of Suresnes, unless the bad weather led to the cancellation of its movement, such as the one planned this Saturday at the american cemetery of Bois Belleau, in the Aisne.

The Prime minister of canada Justin Trudeau has gathered at the cemetery of Neuville-Saint-Vaast, in northern France.

There is a tribute to its 10 500 compatriots died taking Vimy ridge from the Germans in 1917.

The culmination of the centenary of the Armistice will take place this Sunday with more than 60 heads of State and government gathered for a great ceremony at the foot of the Arc de Triomphe.