Charest calls for assistance to the aerospace industry

Charest plaide pour une aide à l’aérospatiale

Photo: Adrian Wyld, The canadian Press
Jean Charest is representative for the aerospace industries Association of Canada for almost two years.

The former prime minister of Quebec Jean Charest believes that “it is not everyone is equal in front of the crisis” caused by the pandemic COVID-19, and that Ottawa should focus its efforts on industries that will allow the economy to bounce back — as the air transportation and aerospace.

Along with John McKenna, president and chief executive officer of the air transport Association of Canada, Mr. Charest — who is representative for the aerospace industries Association of Canada for almost two years — delivered a load to the bottom rail against the federal government, which was slow, compared to other countries, to support these industries.

This is not everyone is equal before the crisis [of the COVID-19]

— Jean Charest


“The air sector and the aeronautics sector are the sectors on which the impact is more profound, more important than the average of the sectors and the government acknowledges, and it is for this reason that elsewhere in the world, they have acted on these areas to stimulate and contribute to start again the economy,” said Mr. Charest, by videoconference, on Thursday morning.

Mr. McKenna lamented the fact that no national strategy specifically developed for the aviation sector, which he represents. He said that his organization has attempted to contact the federal government on several occasions since mid-march, but has encountered a radio silence. However, the federal government has offered emergency programs. According to Mr. McKenna, what are ” programs that want to please everyone and that ultimately does not appeal to anyone.”

Mr. Charest, for his part, said that these programs are no longer feasible in a period of economic recovery. “But the phase of which you speak, we, and where are made the other countries [it is] one of the phase two, which is the phase where it stimulates economic activity by targeting key sectors. Aeronautics is a key sector for Canada. It is the manufacturer advanced, it is the manufacturing sector probably also important that the automobile, if not more important in some ways, ” he added.

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